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Mini Militia is the last man standing wins the battle. Mini Militia and Pubg are a similar game of battles to fight till finish and the only player remaining while other players are killed win the game. As an action game addict where players involved in a fight with ammunition like guns, knives, matches, machine gun, and other tools available in the military Arsenal.

The action game has some superb graphics that makes the game stand better among all competitors. If you are a Pubg fan, Mini Militia will be a test for you. Having played Pubg and Mini-Militia overtimes both games are great games of battle.

In the battlefield, all fights are equipped with the Arsenal and are expected to fight to the last breath. However, to stay alive, each player is expected to buy ammunition when they ran out of one or try to win a bonus ammunition by defeating opponents.

While playing the Minigame you will encounter many hurdles that you are expected to win to proceed to the next step. There is no shortcut of hack for Militia on Android and iOS devices.

Mini Militia 3D game

Mini Militia Game Modes

Mini-Militia is a 3D game allowing users to fight in two different modes.

1. Survival Mode

In the survival mode, players are trained to face any battle alone playing with other players and must succeed in killing them all to proceed to the next stage. This is referred to as the training ground before players proceed to combats with other experts in the multiplayer mode.

2. Multiplayer

In the multiplayer mode, a minimum of 6 players are required and a maximum of 12 players can participate where the last man standing is the winner. To survive this mode you must kill other fighters on the battlefield, else, the game ends on your part.

In the multiplayer game mode, you have the privilege to play with other players online and other players on the same LAN or WiFi or Bluetooth up to 12 different players competing for the same title, a winner.

Mini Militia Features for Android and iOS Users

The 2011 2D game has the following unique features to all players in either the survival mode or the multiplayer mode.

  • Survival mode: Train with Sarge to prepare for the battle.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play with 6 players online via Game Center or with 12 on LAN via Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Epic open world maps.
  • Custom Avatars such as players picture.
  • Rocket boots for an extended vertical moment.
  • Dual wield with handguns.
  • Zoom control on various weapons.
  • Melee attacks.
  • Boost health, ammo, accuracy from the store.

Download Mini Militia

Here is how to download Mini-Militia 3 & 1 without a hack. Here we’ll share with you the procedure to download the Mini-Militia game without rooting and jailbreaking your Android and iOS devices respectively.

  • Download TutuApp APK for Android and TutuApp IPA for iOS [iPhone inclusive]
  • Verify TutuApp on your device before you start using it [Recommended]
  • Go to TutuApp search box and search for “Mini Militia”
  • Tap on the install icon or download
  • After successfully download swipe down the notification tray and install the game
  • For Android user, before you start playing add the game as a trusted app on your device under security >> profile & device management >> Tap & trust.

Note: To install Mini Militia 3D game on Android device, users must first enable install from unknown sources to avoid error message from installing the game.

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